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About the Boys


Drink Anything Guy


I run on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and unbridled rage. You, Dear Listeners, probably know me from my rantings and ravings. But with a world so bleak, who wouldn’t be angry? When I’m not taking some R&R (ranting and raving) at some poor soul, I’m usually playing a backlog of video games that I’ve built up over the years. Though I can boast that I’ve completed 75% of the 365+ games in my catalog.


You, Dear Listeners, may know my cat Phoenix from the cast. That’s my fluffy ball of personified angst. I am continually finding more and more things to be entertained by, in this bleak fucking world, especially with The Boys™ on the cast. I hate the phrase in corporate America of “We’re not just a team, we’re a family!” but I can genuinely say that our cast of characters: Victor, SteviL, Brooke, Phoenix, Anne, Sterling (our dog,) and I are something of a family. It’s a pain in the ass to edit the podcast, but I wouldn’t trade that job for anything in the world. The cast feels like home.


Chef Gourmand


Victor Perez was born deep within the mangroves of the South within the coolest place to be in the United States in the 80’s; Miami, Florida. Surrounded by a loving family, religion, and some questionable role models Victor grew to become an adolescent anarchist punk rocker and prevailed amidst some fantastic and turbulent times. As the pages of his life turned, Vic began to realize that his story in Florida was coming to an end. Traveling North and exploring some wonderful places along the way he has found himself enamored by Wisconsin and its wonderful residents. He currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife, 2 professional cats, the coolest father-in-law in the world, and a few demons.

Victor has held many titles in his life but considers himself above all to be an Artist. After all, he has been drawing since he was a kid. Although growing irriverally large the child inside lives on.


Victor also is also an accomplished chef, bass player, podcaster, curator and comic book specialist! “I don’t like to get bored!”


Beer Connoisseur


In spite of the various states in which he's lived, SteviL is Wisconsin through and through. When he's not recording the latest BWP episode and enjoying the company of everyone's favorite Drink Anything Guy and the world's greatest Chef Gourmand, he is usually found working on tabletop gaming miniatures in some fashion or another, often with a horror movie of some sort on in the background. There is a fair chance he is also smoking meats and other sundries.


Being a Wisconsin boy, he has been drinking beer (in various volumes) all his life and while he doesn't know absolutely everything there is to know about beer he knows an awful lot and is all too happy to share ad nauseam.

SteviL is married to Brooke and has a rescue pitbull-golden lab named Lucy who is very jittery but very lovable.

About the Cast

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